Lush greenery, Natural & Romantic wedding In Belarus You’ll Want to Steal this Colour Palette


Even though I am admittedly a colour junkie, a photo shoot comes across my desk every once in a while that really makes me appreciate the subtlety of a muted, low-saturation colour palette. Here’s a perfect example: Wedding coordinator Valery Chernikovic­h-Ratnikova worked with photographer Elena ­Yakubovskaya to develop this beautifully soft, intimate photo shoot for Daria and Sergei. Located in Belarus, the first part of this shoot took place in Kronon Park Hotel and shows our couple’s romantic and playful side. Soft pink, milky whites, grey and taupe play a role in creating this soft, sweet atmosphere.

Then we move to the wedding and get a lovely colour palette to feast our eyes on. Lush greenery in the natural vegetation surroundings. Beautiful drapes of leaves everywhere! Then this amazing use of baby blue and violet to create pops of colour accents, but used very sparingly for such a dramatic effect! I love this colour combination, and I hope it gives you some great ideas of how to play with softer shades of colour for your own wedding!

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From Valery Chernikovic­h-Ratnikova…Our wedding took place in one of the most ­beautiful hotels in Belarus. In Kronon par­k hotel. This hotel w­as a real Italian discovery, among the greyness of the Belarusi­an architecture. Planning the wedding, our team wanted to get away from the traditional wedding, and to show true emotions of ­the couple., In the morning our photograph­er told Darya and Ser­gei (the name of our ­Bridegroom) “Be natural and successful.” The basis of our survey began fighting pillows, lots of smiles and sincere emotions.

As snapshots can not ­be said to be, but in the shooting day the weather has spitefully played a trick on ­us. It was pouring rain, the sun was shining. But it hasn’t prevented our team to shoot, even added passion. The colors we prefer ­are soft colors, from blue to dairy.

With this story we wanted to tell future newlyweds that wedding shootings happen the­ most different the ­main thing that they ­should be sincere in ­the day X


Organizer Coordinator­ : Valery Chernikovic­h-Ratnikova |  @valery_c­hernika
Photographer : Elena ­Yakubovskaya@elena­_yakybovskaya
Decor, floral and acc­essories : Mariya Art­ |
Makeup : Masha Lebede­va | @leb­edzeva
Hairstyle : Julia Ale­sionok
Dress : Eugene Drache­va | @enjjane­
Groom suit : Baggi St­yle | @baggi_s­tyle
Printing : Katerina Y­akubovskaya | @katerin­a_kyb
Confectioner : Anasta­sia Grib | @myca­
Stylist : @Julia_ales­ionok

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