My Little Girl by Kyle Johnson – Father and daughter dance song for weddings


Good morning everyone, hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Today we’ve a beautiful a wedding song submitted from one of our readers. The song called My Little Girl by Kyle Johnson. It’s such a sweet song that i would recommend for father and daughter dance song for weddings.

You can buy and download this song from itunes from this link : My Little Girl – Single by Kyle Johnson on iTunes

My little girl on you tube

My love for you never wavers
You’re my little girl you’re my little girl
I’ll protect you, you paint my world
As your wings unfurl fly my little girl
When you need me I will be there
You can rest assured I’ll be there for my girl
Your smile breaks and rebuilds my heart
I’m a stronger man all because of you
As I held my perfect daughter
Found my missing piece tears clouded my view
Tiny hands you held my heart with
Mending all the cracks your love became the glue
I will join you on your journey
I will hold your hand and try to steer you true
If you need advice or comfort
Your my little girl I’ll be there for you
No matter what the world does to you
My heart always true full of love for you
My love for you will never waver


Beautiful right? If you like ,don’t forget to share your thought in the comments below.

Thank you so much Jenifer for sharing this beautiful song. My Little Girl – Single by Kyle Johnson on iTunes

Have a lovely day.

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