Intimate wedding with a beautiful backdrop of the coast of Spain


Any wedding that kicks off with a pool party in Spain in which the bridesmaids perform a choreographed dance that finishes with them all jumping into the pool – now THAT’s a wedding that I want to see more of! Pool party aside, this wedding has enough unique and gorgeous details that you won’t want to miss this beautiful wedding album.

As if having their wedding against the insanely beautiful backdrop of the coast of Spain isn’t enough,  Serg Cooper captured an affair to remember. Their outdoor ceremony was small and intimate, held in a green clearing with nothing but white blocks as seating. The ceremony was highlighted by an arch unlike any I’ve ever seen. They’ve created a sort of scaffolding out of stalks of bamboo, decorated with cascades of peach and pink peony flowers.

The bridesmaids’ gowns are a perfect compliment to the setting – a vivid pomegranate red colour that pops out of the green and white surroundings, plus ruffles that echo the classic Spanish style. When we get to the reception hall, we see that the couple chose to keep the décor and colours muted with soft pink peonies surrounded by eucalyptus and bamboo. It just makes the colourful and fun bridal party pop even more!

When all the “I do’s” were said and done, the couple’s photo opportunities around the venue seem to be endless! From the gardens to a gorgeous palatial interior with marble arches and columns. Then on to a stunning beachfront portrait and more in an intimate garden, complete with beautiful gazebo. This album is just incredible! We hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

Photography : Serg Cooper | Instagram :


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