White Bedroom with Blush and Grey Colour Scheme

Is you bedroom white? White is the perfect shade of bedroom design for every season and every style. White is perfect for create minimalist bedroom or Scandinavian style bedroom. Actually white is the simplest colour to work and style with. White paint wall bedroom make a room look bigger,cleaner, feel cosy and welcoming and easy to work with other colours and materials. There are many different white shades that you can choose to fit your taste — white smoke, carnation, eggshell, milky, coconut, pearl, and others.

Some Dulux white paint that you can try  — Frosted Dawn, Absolute White, Moon Shimmer, Magic White, Timeless, White Mist, Morning Lights, Calm Clouds, Vanilla White, Milky Pail, White Chiffon, Bone China, Classic Creme, Pure Brilliant White , Rock Salt, Almond White. 

Benjamin Moore  white paint that you can try  — Simply White, Cloud White, Cotton Balls, Winter White, Mascarpone, Ballet White, Seapearl, Paper White, Pure White, White Diamond.

Even though your bedroom wall is white, you don’t have to stay with white decorating, you can combine white with other colours to create another colour scheme for you own bedroom, by changing your bedding covers or accessories. You can combine white with different materials. This white bedroom below combine with Blush and Grey that creates another gorgeous colour palette for spring and winter look. For autumn looks, you could try dark purple & grey for bedding cover set, this way you would save your pocket.

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These “EKKO” bed frame and bed set are from Domanyne

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