Retro Living Room in Berry Shades

Stunning, calm and sophisticated this retro living room. Some colour combinations are simply meant to be together, aren’t they? We really love this calm and soothing interior colour palette looks. A gorgeous berry and Grey colour palette, its amazing balances warm and cool tones – perfect for creating a relaxing atmosphere in a living room.

To create this looks, you would need a statement furniture – including mid-century designs like this upholstered in berry shades. Purple-berry, plum to rose gold accessories and soft furnishings, and touches of earthy brown like retro chairs complete this contrast, fresh decorating trend.  You can be a little eclectic, with textured ceramics, glass or silver vases and house plants.

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Designs : ​’Floral Amor’ 30×40 cm. | ‘Pink Feather’ 30×40 cm. | ‘Pink Roses’ 50×70 cm. | ‘In Life’ 30×40 cm with a matboard in a 40×50 cm frame. | ‘Roses and Tulle’ 50×70 cm. | ‘Burgundy Feathers’ 50×70 cm with a matboard in a 70×100 cm frame. | ‘Dreamy Roses’ 50×70 cm. | These motifs are paired with black metal frames and gold frames. – All from Desenio

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