Pale Taupe Bedroom Colour Scheme – Bedroom #Colour Palette 202

Create a bedroom you never want to leave. This bedroom is gorgeous in warm colour palette of pale taupe and muted gold – perfect for creating a relaxing atmosphere in a bedroom. It’s such a versatile hue with subtle elegant!

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Pale Taupe and Muted Gold Bedroom Colour Scheme

Gallery on the wall : ‘Line Art Legs’ 30×40 cm with a picture mat in a 40×50 cm frame. | ‘This Must be the Place’ 50×70 cm. | ‘Mother of Pearl’ 50×70 cm. | ‘Golden Seashell’ 30×40 cm. | ‘Oyster Close Up’ 50×70 cm with a picture mat in 70×100 cm frame. | ‘Oyster Shells No2’ 50×70 cm. | ‘Line Art Dance’ 50×70 cm. | ‘Sleep All Night’ 30×40 cm. | All prints are paired with white wood frames and oak picture frames.  All from Desenio

Wall Colours

Taupe Twist Paint : Taking a spin on a classic, Taupe Twist is the perfect warm neutral to create an inviting and luxurious finish. Add soft furnishings to create a Hygge atmosphere. Link :

Pale Taupe : Try “Pale Taupe” from Dulux. Link :



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