Hailey Bieber-Inspired Pink Jelly Glazed Nails Look

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Hailey Bieber-Inspired Pink Jelly Glazed Nails Look

Embrace the trend that has taken the beauty world by storm with Donut Glazed Nails, inspired by none other than Hailey Bieber. This chic and stylish manicure became a viral sensation in 2022 when Hailey Bieber flaunted her dazzling nails. Now, in 2024,she has brought another stunning look to the forefront: Pink Jelly Glazed Nails.

The Pink Jelly Glazed Nails look combines a soft, translucent pink base with a glossy, glazed finish, reminiscent of jelly. This look captures both sophistication and playfulness, making it perfect for any occasion. The translucent quality gives the nails a delicate, ethereal vibe, while the high-shine finish adds a modern, polished touch.

Achieving this look involves starting with a base coat to protect your nails, followed by applying a sheer pink polish. The key to the “jelly” effect is using a polish that has a semi-transparent quality, allowing the natural nail to peek through slightly. Once the pink base is applied, a layer of high-gloss top coat is added to create the glazed effect. For an extra touch of glam, some variations include adding a subtle shimmer or tiny flecks of glitter.

Pink Jelly Glazed Nails are versatile and can be styled to suit both casual and formal settings. They pair beautifully with summer outfits, from breezy sundresses to chic evening wear. This manicure is perfect for those who love to stay on-trend while maintaining a timeless elegance.

Whether you’re heading to a beach party or a sophisticated dinner, Pink Jelly Glazed Nails, inspired by Hailey Bieber, are sure to make a statement. Embrace this trending look and add a touch of celebrity-inspired glamour to your style this summer.

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