Green, Plum, Terracotta and Wine Bedroom Colour Scheme

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Navy blue and Grey Colour Palette For Bedroom 

A beautiful earth tones bedroom colour scheme.  A beautiful colour combination of Rifle Green + Plum + Wine and Terracotta.

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Wall Colours

Medium Mute Pink : Try “Sugar & Spice” from Graham Brown. The pretty, delicate softness of Sugar and Spice makes this pink fresh and uncomplicated. Sugar and Spice has a slight dustiness to it, making it not too sweet to live with. This tone will look different in throughout the day, turning dusky in dimmer settings, to beautiful pastel pink when direct sunlight hits it. Link :

Terracotta Paint : Try “Sienna” from Graham Brown. Sienna, meaning a earthy pigment commonly used in paintings, inspired creation of this shade. As a deep peachy tone, pair with Praline Star for a warm neutral look, or highlight the pinks within by adding a touch of Date Night. Link :

Warm Terracotta : Try “Red Earth” from Farrow and Ball.  This light terracotta hue takes its name from the very soil beneath our feet. Red Earth is a rich blend of red and yellow pigments which create a warm earthy feel in homes both old and new. Often best used in smaller spaces, this warm colour responds extraordinarily to the changes of light throughout the day, becoming deeper and cosier as the sun drops. Link :

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