First Look Wedding Photos – These 72 Adorable Photos Are So Touching

First look is when a couple sees each other before the wedding ceremony, most brides and grooms choose to do a “First Look” as a way of making their special day more enjoyable. Tradition used to dictate that a groom didn’t see his bride in her wedding gown until she walked down the aisle. Like so many other wedding traditions, if this one no longer stands, “First look” wedding photo is an ideal for you to include in your wedding photo list of the day. Take a look at these beautiful wedding photos which capture the special moment when the couple first see each other on the big day.

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Check out these fabulous ideas to get you started. You’ll nail your look! See more works of artists that we featured on fabmood beauty ‘s instagram page. | Photo by : Cat Satre Photography | More info please contact Cat Satre Photography