9 Best Bedrooms New Year’s Resolution Ideas 2021 – Charcoal, Plum and Lilac Bedroom

2. Charcoal, Plum and Lilac Bedroom Colour Scheme

Hey lovely people! Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, and wishing you all a great new year. So, do you have a new year resolution or what is your new year resolution 2021? Your plans for New Year’s 2021 are going to be a lot different than what they used to be, as the global coronavirus outbreak — This year, fill your resolution list with easy, good-for-you goals. Why not start it from your home decor as will be spending a lot more time at home. And if you are looking for ways to update your bedroom, we’ve got some beautiful colour palettes, fresh ideas that will help you get there.

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Gallery on the wall : ‘Purple Softness’ 30×40 cm. ‘Black Bow’ 50×70 cm. ‘Antique Rose No1’ 30×40 cm. ‘Lilac Twirl’ 50×70 cm. ‘Sensitive Touch’ 30×40 cm. ‘Antique Rose Bouquet’ 50×70 cm. ‘Haute Couture Dress’ 30×40 cm. All prints are paired with black metal frames.  All from Desenio

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Charcoal, Plum and Lilac Bedroom Colour Scheme

If you’re looking for a sophisticated and cozy bedroom for your new year’s resolution then this charcoal + lilac and plum could be perfect what you’re looking for. This is a truly a colour pairing for all times, the purple hue and charcoal bedroom feels simultaneously traditional and right on trend.

When you pair this charcoal, lilac and plum color combo for bedroom together it doesn’t have to have in charcoal, lilac and plum in equal measure. Let your artistic inside your run free.  Try painting all four of your bedroom walls a soft, neutral grey and introduce pops of purple through creative accent pieces such as modern wall art where purple is the predominant colour.

Colour Described As Names

Wall Paint Colour Ideas

If you’re looking for the right paint colours similar to colour palette above? Here are paint colour ideas.

1. Railing – A soft black with blue undertones

dark grey paint, railings paint

More blue than black, Railings is a softer alternative to black which is particularly suited to the ironwork it takes its name from. When used in Full Gloss on front doors it creates a handsome and commanding entrance, but becomes much more relaxed in feel in our Estate Eggshell finish. The bluer undertones of this dark hue transform rooms into dramatic and enveloping interior spaces.
Link : https://www.farrow-ball.com/paint-colours/railings

2. Lund Grey Paint

grey paint, lund grey paint

Contemporary, cool and a little moody, Lund Grey will add intrigue into any space. This hue is infinitely versatile and will work within a range of colour palettes. Use bright, blue toned whites to freshen it up or if you’re looking for something cosier, pair with greyed off greens and warmer neutrals. You really can’t go wrong with this shade!.
Link : https://www.grahambrown.com/uk/lund-grey-paint/CT-080-098-master.html


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