Calming Earth Tone Bedroom

A beautiful calm and soothing earth tone bedroom. This earthy and soothing interior bedroom trend has a gorgeous colour palette of dark green + dusty rose and terracotta hue – perfect for creating a relaxing atmosphere in a bedroom. It’s such a versatile hue!

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The Scout Quilt Cover Set provides a wonderful texture to your room, with its light and airy feel, it makes styling easy by adding in colours and/or mixing textures, from Adairs, price from $149.

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Earth Tone Bedroom 

A beautiful calm and soothing earth tone bedroom colour scheme. Bed linen set from Adairs.

Wall Paint Colour Ideas

1. Soft pastel pink

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August : August is a soft, subtle pastel pink. Created with a blend of yellow and red pigments, this beautiful shade is representative of the colours of a late summers evening, with the sunshine setting on a warm day. Pair with Vacation or Beka to create a impactful modern pastel haven.

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2. Shade of pink

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Shade of pink This delicate shade of pink was inspired by Greek goddess, Penelope. Celebrated for her faithfulness, patience and feminine virtue, this beautiful tone is uncomplicated and dainty. Pair with crisp G&B White to create a charming and playful interior, or contrasting with Barker Grey for a cleaner, metropolitan finish.

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3. Sienna

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Terracotta Paint : Try “Sienna” from Graham Brown. Sienna, meaning a earthy pigment commonly used in paintings, inspired creation of this shade. As a deep peachy tone, pair with Praline Star for a warm neutral look, or highlight the pinks within by adding a touch of Date Night.

4. Medium Mute Pink :

Try “Sugar & Spice” from Graham Brown. The pretty, delicate softness of Sugar and Spice makes this pink fresh and uncomplicated. Sugar and Spice has a slight dustiness to it, making it not too sweet to live with. This tone will look different in throughout the day, turning dusky in dimmer settings, to beautiful pastel pink when direct sunlight hits it.




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