Aubergine and Smokey Color Scheme For Bedroom

Aubergine and Smokey Bedroom Color Scheme

If you are looking for ways to update your bedroom, we’ve got some beautiful color palettes, fresh ideas for your to choose from. If you like cool moody tones, then this bedroom color palette could be one of your options. A beautiful bedroom in shades of aubergine and smokey color scheme that gives you calm, soothing and romance vibes.

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Stylish Bedroom & Wall Gallery

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Aubergine and Smokey Color Hex

Looking for creating contemporary bedroom which means incorporating luxe bedding, rich materials.  In our palette, this bedroom from Desenio, features a lovely neutral smokey wall that pairs beautifully with a wall gallery and aubergine bedding set. You can’t go wrong with this aubergine and smokey colour scheme, it’s not to feminine and not to manly. It’s between both. It’s a perfect duo color combo.

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What is aubergine color?

Aubergine is a eggplant. It’s a spongy and absorbent fruit that used in several cuisines. It’s dark rich deep purple whatever you want to call this deep purple. It’s definitely having a moment.

Aubergine goes with?

  • Aubergine and grey
  • Aubergine and beige
  • Aubergine and blush
  • Aubergine and mauve
  • Aubergine and shades of green
  • Aubergine and orange
  • Aubergine and yellow
  • much more….

Aubergine and Smokey Gradient Palette

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Color Described As Names

Wall Paint Color Ideas

1. Warm Moon Paint

wall paint, wall paint ideas, wall color paint

The relief of taking off muddy wellies after a long weekend at Glastonbury Festival inspired this shade. Rich, deep and interesting, this dark brown is perfect for adding character to your home.

Link :

2. Guv’nor Paint

warm grey brown wall paint, wall paint ideas, wall color paint

Muted warm grey brown : Guv’nor; a muted, yet warm grey brown named after Henry Brown’s popular nickname amongst colleagues ‘The Guv’nor’. An appropriate well-crafted neutral, with a grey undertone. Distinct and characterised this shade encourages light, whilst creating an inviting, moody look. The perfect accent colour for all our neutrals and whites and can be perfectly framed with deep blues and greens

Link :

3. Warm Baguette Paint from Graham and Brown

bedroom wall paints, bedroom wall paint ideas, muted beige

Muted Beige : Hygge, the feeling of enjoying small pleasures in life, inspired this warming tone. Like the feeling of a Warm Baguette, fresh from the oven, this shade is comforting and cosy. Warm Baguette has more yellow undertones than most greys within the Graham and Brown collection, creating a charming muted beige.

Link :

4. Charleston Gray 

wall paint, wall paint ideas, wall color paint

A warm and muted grey, Charleston Gray is named after the much loved home of the equally artistic and intellectual Bloomsbury Group in West Sussex. Very popular for use in modern living rooms, its brown undertones create a warm, enveloping and hushed atmosphere. It is the perfect accent colour for all the warm Contemporary Neutrals or can be used on woodwork with rich Brinjal.

Link :

5. Mole’s Breath

moody grey, wall paint, wall paint ideas, wall color paint

Moody Grey : A timeless grey whose name takes its roots from the much loved Elephant’s Breath, this moody hue is inspired by a smaller, furrier animal. Mole’s Breath is the most versatile of our stronger accents as it can be used both with Easy Neutrals like Purbeck Stone and Contemporary Neutrals like Strong White. It is particularly effective to ground kitchen islands and when used on the walls of smaller spaces to create a fabulously sullen yet warm room. .

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