40+ stylish Dark & Moody Wedding Cakes : Celestial Wedding Cake

42. Celestial Wedding Cake

Autumn is visually a glorious time of year and one of the most popular seasons for couples to get married. The season brings to mind an implication of families coming together and it’s also a romantic season for a wedding. What is the perfect way to make your autumn wedding reception even better? With a fantastic wedding cake, of course! Why not add dark & moody wedding cake for an unconventional wedding cake into your wedding ideas? A dark cake is just the thing to make people go ‘Wow!’ The best part is you don’t have to add too much as it already stands out. These are some ideas for the most stylish dark & moody wedding cake designs.

celestial wedding cake, moody cake

Beautiful cake by @avantgardecakestudio.  Check out the latest artists featured on fabmood‘s Instagram page.

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