39 Ways to wear glitter nails for an Elegant Touch

Nothing is more elegant than a hand with perfectly manicured and elegant nails. When you first meet a person, the hands are one of the things that you notice first. Hands can be a strong reflection of the person’s character, and nails usually do most of the revealing. Making use of creative nail polish is a good way to help spruce up simple fingernails and enable a part of your style to shine through. The way in which you color your nails allows you to express your feelings and inner self. For an elegant look, nothing beat glitter nails, you can wear bold glitter like dark blue glitter, black glitter or if you love the girly look try light pink with glitter, for the summer goes with fuchsia and glitter so many designs right? Have a look at these pretty ways to wear glitter nails and pick one from these for your next visit nail salon.

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