30 Christmas Nail Designs for 2021 : Red Tartan Coffin Nails

1. Red Tartan Coffin Nails

Christmas Holiday is on its way and the season to appreciate all the beautiful things,  such as Christmas decorations, gifts and beautiful outfits which means getting in the Christmas spirit. A festive mani the perfect way to get into the spirit and help to uplift your outfits. There are actually plenty of fabulous ideas, think deep greens and dark red nail polishes, red tartan, snowflake that always trend this time of year. But there are also plenty of unexpected winter manicures you can easily paint. So no matter your taste, scroll down and browse next page for the prettiest winter nail ideas that’ll take you through the holidays and straight into 2022. Enjoy!

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These beautiful nails by @truebeautybycarrie.

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