27 Summer-Themed Cake Inspirations : Pink Striped Two-Tier Cake

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22. Pink Striped Two-Tier Cake

The cake’s elegant pink stripes create a striking contrast against the white buttercream, adding a modern and chic touch to the design. The crowning glory of this delectable creation is the luscious pink icing drip that gracefully cascades down the tiers, adding a touch of whimsy and decadence. This glossy drip creates a tantalizing invitation, hinting at the rich flavors awaiting inside the cake. Adding to the cake’s tropical allure are the vibrant elements that adorn its surface.

Juicy slices of melon offer a refreshing burst of colour and flavor, while an array of vibrant tropical flowers infuse the cake with exotic charm and beauty. These floral accents not only enhance the summer theme cake‘s visual appeal but also evoke the lush beauty of a tropical paradise.

Cute cake by @avilabakeryeastbay  Check out the latest artists featured on fabmoodpalette‘s Instagram page.


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