Hanging glass candle holder { 25 ways to add romance to your wedding }


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When it comes to having a glamorous wedding reception. Everyone wants to have a grand wedding with a huge reception hall and beautiful lighting. However, many times due to financial constrains we cannot have all that we need and we have to compromise on things. Candlelight is a terrific way to increase the unique ambience within the environment. To add a hint of glamour to your big day, consider hanging glass candle holder in your decor for that extra added sparkle for instance hanging glass candle holder as chandeliers, clear glass hanging votive holder from the ceiling of your venue or even from a tree in your wedding venue. These 25 consider hanging glass candle holders will really add that extra glow and drama to your wedding.

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One reply on “Hanging glass candle holder { 25 ways to add romance to your wedding }”
  1. says: Jeremy Thompson

    I do like how you mentioned that adding these glass candle holders can potentially give more romantic ambiance to a place like a wedding venue. That sounds like a great idea as I would love to make our home a lot more romantic to be in. Hopefully, I could get some of these hanging decors and install them properly. My wife would surely be happy once she returns home to see these potential hanging decors next week. Thanks!

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