21 Pretty Half up half down hairstyles – great options for the modern bride



How should you style your hair for your big day? Most of the time, brides save this detail for last – after the major decisions are made and the theme and gown are finalized. But your hairstyling is a tricky one to navigate – you want to feel elegant and feminine, while practical for a long day, portraits and twirling on the dance floor. And then there’s the veil to negotiate! So how do we compromise the “needs” and the “wants?” A partial up-do is a great options for the modern bride. We’ve put together a collection of some of our favorite styles and trends in bridal hair styling to inspire you to find a style that works best for your vision.

We’ve got 21 Half up half down hairstyles ; flowy boho and clean contemporary, professional perfection and do-it-yourself options. All of these looks allow you the the best of both worlds – the natural femininity of your long hair flowing loose while keeping it out of your face and creating an anchor for a veil. No matter what you land on, our advice is to make sure you stick with a style that reads “you.” You want to look like the best version of yourself, not a complete stranger done up in an over-the-top look that doesn’t represent your everyday personal style. Enjoy!

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