Divine Atelier 2016 Bridal Collection : Gorgeous to conventional as to bohemian brides

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The Divine Atelier 2016 Wedding Dresses are romantic characters that imitate the vision of a poetic, extensive and sophisticated régime. With over 15 years of existence in the fashion market in Romania, attending many fairs and exhibitions, having positive evaluations and pictorials in the most distinguished fashion magazines, Divine Atelier 206 Bridal Collection is distinct as a space devoted to romance and femininity. Seductive and conventional, eccentric and enigmatic, thinking plus simple, the figures of this collection take in the air of an elite, valuable style presenting the attractive power of an age that obvious the history of literary works as well as film-making. The general look of the entire assortment comes out over the materials used: ethereal soft silk, fluid smooth tulle, conventional sewing, and ribbons of intense beauty. The jewel and feather components denote a veritable passe-partout for this image. Divine Atelier 2016 Bridal Dresses are as gorgeous to conventional as to bohemian wedding brides.

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