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Good morning, my dears! For all you Brides planning a Summer wedding, here’s one for you!  I love how the summer months provide an opportunity to bring out the brights and the bolds. When it comes to choosing you wedding colours for your wedding is one of the most important decisions you must make. We all have favorite colors. When we’re choosing a lipstick or a handbag,it’s easy to pick out the shades we love, but when it comes to planning our wedding, things get a bit more complicated. There are so many factors to consider, but don’t worry my dears! with little help from fab mood’s palette today will show you how to incorporate citrus wedding colours into your summer wedding. Why citrus? Nothing looks fresher for a summer wedding than a pop of citrus colors – yellow, lime and tangerine.

Citrus wedding colours |

Have fun,play around Your Citrus Colour Palette

You can use citrus  in so many aspects of your wedding. An ideal way to use citrus is to choose prints or designs that feature citrus colors. You can also go more sophisticated with a chic scroll pattern in citrus. You can even get away with mixing and matching different prints and patterns. For instance, why not use citrus scroll patterned napkins over a tablecloth striped with pink,tangerine, lime, and white? For Whimsical details, you can have such as the balloons,ribbons add into your decorations. Citrus can also be great for your bridesmaid dresses and fun colour combos for the groomsmen.  For your own gown don’t be afraid to try shades such as soft peach or nude like in the palette.

Since Citrus are colors that are pulled from food, it would be a great idea to include the actual fruits in your reception. You can set up big glass pitchers with limeade, tangerine juice, and lemonade at the venue. You can serve a lot of fresh fruits or make a fruit cobbler or any fruit ice cream that would be great for children at the wedding.  Here’re a few ways to incorporate the citrus color tone into your wedding.

Citrus and pink wedding ideas | bridal shower invitationCitrus and pink wedding ideasorange and pink wedding bouquet

Naked citrus wedding cake

Citrus and pink wedding ideas

Citrus and pink wedding ideasCitrus and pink wedding ideas

Citrus and pink wedding ideas

citrus wedding invitations


Have fun, play around, and experiment with different colors and unique color pairings to come up with your own perfect palette for your late summer wedding. Look for tones that have a depth and richness to them, while still retaining a hint of a sun-kissed effect, and you will have a winning color scheme for your wedding design.

Want something different

If you are looking for something different with this palette. Why not take a look at the rest of  Fab Mood


Photo credit : Bridal shower invitation : studiodiy | Fan wedding programs : weddingsinwoodinville | bouquet : emmylowephoto |  wedding cake,escort cards + wedding table: Michael and Kate Photography | Invitation : ohsobeautifulpaper | Yellow bridesmaid : onefabday | drinks : inspiredbythis | ice cream :  Marianne Wilson Photography

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    Adorable colors for this summer wedding. It`s very hard to select wedding color theme but your idea can a wedding amazing. Love Pink & Tangerine colors. Thanks for sharing!

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