Choosing wedding colors step by step


If you’re newly engaged, you might feel a bit overwhelmed about what to do next. Lets starts from wedding colors, if you ask “Do i have to have a wedding color/colors?” answer You don’t have set a color for your wedding, you can do anyway you like for instance mix and match styles. But if you do! here is a guide how to choose your wedding colors.

How to choose your wedding colors

Colors cast a spell and set the tone for your entire wedding day! The use of color can and will convey meanings to you and your guests as none of us are immune to its power. Color will affect the atmosphere of a room and the mood of a moment. Color and the choices we make regarding the use of it, reflect our personalities. Likewise, the color or colors you choose for your wedding will also reflect your style and personality. There are so many ways to choose your wedding colors here are some ideas.

Choosing wedding colors step by step

1. Let’s begin with you and your fiance favorite colors.

2. If you don’t have any color in mind, try these color inspiration boards, wedding palettes or color wheels which will help you to see more ideas. Also consider the season that you’re getting married that will help to narrow down your choices.

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  • Spring – Garden wedding is the most popular theme in the springtime. The beauty of nature is very evident. You can use a myriad colors for your wedding, from light pastel colors to bright and vibrant colors.
  • Summer – You can have lavender, aqua, red, fuchsia, yellow, pink, orange, lime or any combination of these colors.

15 Fabulous Summer wedding Color Combos

  • Autumn –  If you are someone who loves deep rich colors, then a fall wedding is ideal for you. For this particular season, you can use a lot of orange, dark purple, chocolate, red, and olive colors. Even though you don’t necessarily have to pick a theme that has to do with the season itself, it’s still fun to have a wedding inspired by the beauty autumn leaves.

The Perfect Fall Wedding Color Combos for the 4 different styles of weddings ,autumn classic, autumn boho, autumn romance,contemporary, teal bronze burgundy

  • Winter – If you have been dreaming of a winter wonderland wedding, you are not alone. Of course, the main color of winter is white. You may opt to go with an all-white wedding theme, which is both enchanting and absolutely gorgeous. However, you may also combine white with other colors such as periwinkle, gold, red, green, or silver. Holiday themes and fairytale themes are ideal for this time of year.

12 Winter wedding color palettes | fab mood

3. Once you have color in your mind, then coordinate with the wedding location. Decide on where the wedding will occur, then consider what colors may be appropriate for the venue. The type of location will also matter as to what colors may go along with the space. For example, a woodland wedding earthy toned would fit well. A country club may be well suited for a nautical blue wedding while a more rustic setting will lend itself to earthy tones. A green colored venue may not go along well with a hot pink wedding motif.

4. Pick the colors that you like best. Try looking through art galleries, or scanning through wedding magazines. A country wedding style may be suitable with a brown and yellow theme. Green with cantaloupe may be chic on a riverside wedding. Nautical blue and red stripes can be perfect for a navy wedding. If there are many rooms in the wedding venue, try creating a theme for each room to have multiple ambiences.

Wedding colors and themes work side by side to set the mood and the ambiance of the celebration. If the cake, wedding dresses, flowers, favors, and decorations all go together fittingly, it sets an important tone for the entire wedding ceremony and reception. Themes and colors can either create a romantic atmosphere, a fun atmosphere or whatever else you want your wedding to convey. Think of how you want your ideal wedding to feel like and decide from there the appropriate theme and colors.

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