Budget-friendly,unique,inspirational and cool wedding dress ideas you can borrow


Everyone can agree that probably the most important part of your wedding is the right gown. However, sometimes ordinary and plain white dresses don’t help to embrace your inner self or translate a little bit different message.

Do not worry anymore! If you would love to be a unique and cool bride who also managed to stay on a budget like a pro, today we are going to share seven great inspirational ideas where you can find that one most important dress of your lifetime. These ideas might mean that you should stay away from expensive bridal salons, but they also mean that you will get a chance to purchase truly unique and one of a kind dress that will be yours only forever!

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Refresh your mom’s dress

Why bother buying a dress and taking care of huge expenses if you can borrow your old mom’s dress and walk down the aisle with something truly meaningful on you? You will get a chance to walk down an aisle wearing something full of sentimental value and make proud your mom. Doesn’t this sound amazing?

Of course, such dresses might not be considered fashionable these days, but you always have a chance to alter it and add something contemporary to make it more modern and more suitable for your wedding theme. Overall, refreshing old dress will always be cheaper than buying a brand new one, but it makes take a bit more patience.

Buy lace-up corset-style back dress

Dresses with buttons are cute and classical, but lace-up corset-style back dresses are worth considering. And let me explain to you why. First of all – budget. Corset backs will not only show off your body so perfectly but also will help save money on alterations! You can easily custom-fit the bodice of the dress to conform to your measurements and enjoy perfect fit just like that!

Moreover, if you are buying a dress a year before your big day, corsets will ensure that you will fit in a gown even if you gain a little bit of weight. Even more, if you are an expecting bride, corset back dress will also help you fit the baby, feel comfortable and still make you look like a princess.

Cool wedding dress ideas | fabmood.com

Hit ordinary clothing stores

Forget about bridal salons! Sometimes you perfect wedding dress can be found just around the corner in an average clothing store! A simple white long gown can be something unique, cool, and will cost you much less than a dress with a wedding dress label on it. Moreover, such retail giants like ASOS, JCPenney or even Target with Kohl’s also sell wedding dresses which are a little bit cheaper than the ones in specialized bridal salons.

There is also an option of shopping at vast waters of the internet. Kohl’s online coupons, in this case, are just a perfect example how much you can save if you are willing to push saving limits even further. So maybe skip overpriced bridal salon dresses and choose to shop at ordinary clothing stores or online? You might find something pretty amazing and unique and will save tons of money on that too.

Buy floor sample dress

Is it hard to decline a long time dream of visiting at least one bridal salon? No need to sacrifice the dream since even at the most luxurious bridal salons you can buy a floor sample dress you are trying out instead of ordering one to be made for you and save money just like that!

Even more, depending on a quality of the dress and how long it was on display, you can negotiate the price sometimes up to 50 percent off the initial price! After that, you can quickly fix the sample dress if needed, and enjoy designer made gown a lot cheaper!

Go with simple style

Knew it or not, but more embroidering and sequence the dress has, the more you are going to pay for it. Beaded lace dresses are gorgeous, but that is one of the most expensive styles you should avoid if you don’t want to go over budget. Therefore, if you want to be a frugal bridal and wish to save money on your dress – better stick to simple and plain dress instead. As a matter of fact, minimalistic dresses are always in style, and that can show off your great figure too!

Also, it is worth remembering that highly decorated dresses are hard to accessorize. Once your dress is all about the bling, various accessories like tiaras, necklaces or huge earrings might put you at a risk of being overdressed and sparkly. While simple and minimalistic gown is like a canvas – you can put everything you wish for and create your own unique style with a help of a few accessories. You can play with different colours, belts, flowers and many other things and nobody will even notice that you pay 50 dollars for that dress!

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Buy used

Another way you can try out if you wish to save money is to buy a used wedding dress. Since brides usually wear their dresses just for one day, used dresses are still at the pretty excellent quality. Yet, they cost a lot less than new ones!

In fact, some past brides are trying to recover the cost of their wedding day, and so they sell their dress on internet or garage sales, and this is where you can step up and buy designer made, only once worn dress a lot cheaper! A few alterations after and you can enjoy your own unique dress you purchased so cheaply.

Visit thrift or vintage stores

And finally, you can even visit your local thrift or vintage store and look for unique and super cheap wedding dresses there as well! In some cases, if you are lucky enough, you can find something extraordinarily beautiful and one of a kind. And since you found that in thrift store – you will pay very little for that too!

On the other hand, at vintage clothing stores you will get an even better chance to dig a real treasure you can wear on your wedding day. So don’t say strict no to thrift and vintages stores – you might find something really unique and cool and stay on your budget like a real wedding pro!

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