Natural,Boho Hippie Chic Wedding & Wild Flowers In Her Hair and the perfect boots


Today, We wanted to share something different but beautiful this morning, to help you while away your weekend. We’re extremely happy to be sharing this unique, rustic, boho ,beautiful and hippie chic wedding from Tatiana Tsarenko photography! This happy hippie, boho chic style wedding is unconventional and gorgeous, and it also doubled as a birthday celebration for the groom! The small birthday bash was incorporated into the ceremony as a surprise and worked wonderfully. Imagine being surprised by your own wedding! The ceremony focused on achieving a natural vibe and lightness, exuding clarity at every turn. It took place in a spacious field surrounded by haystacks, involving no rehearsed speeches, under a delicate and romantic archway that was led up to with stepping stones.

The bride dressed in a bohemian-style dress, we really love her tea-length dress and matched so perfectly with her boots. She’s such a genuinely lovely lady with a natural flair for flowers and her easy and relaxed look coupled with a wreath of wild yellow and purple flowers that matched her crocus wild flowers bouquet and her moss bracelet.  Even the groom joined the fun with a bow tie made of tree bark and moss! The wedding’s main colour was red, with red tablecloth draped under a stand-up meal of canapes, homemade cakes, cheese, pancakes and a red fondant wedding cake decorated with flowers and berries. This organic and genuine wedding truly brought back boho chic, proving that sometimes it’s the simplest things that mean the most! Annie Lee worked to bring the couple’s rustic Boho Hippie Chic celebration to life, we’ve got it waiting for you right here.

 Natural,Boho Hippie Chic Wedding 

From Tatiana Tsarenko photographyModest shabby-chic, boho style or nice hippie? In this case name isn’t important. In fact this was the most wonderful, natural and very interesting wedding. I think a few was on the wedding planned like a surprise for a groom? We had to organize exactly this unusual wedding. A groom was departed to USA for a long time (on business affairs) and his girl together with his friends (working at event company) organized and presented him their own wedding on his birthday! )) I will say at once that organization was heavy, because this was a surprise for a groom and all was done in secret, and terms were very short.

In basis of wedding we put naturalness, lightness, clarity. All was self-possessed in the so-called bohemian style, easy and relaxed fiancee’s look was complemented with wreath on a head with dried and natural flowers, the same was bracelet and tender bouquet from crocuses. The bow tie for a groom was made of bark of tree and moss. A spacious field, haystacks, tender arch, horse and no officially learned by heart speeches.

The ceremony of marriage was conducted by the friend of youth, instead of ordinary glasses of champagne and usual candy bar we prepared round glasses with red wine, stand-up meal with сanapes from different types of cheese, home made cakes and pancakes with different toppings. This wedding was natural in everything, starting with the newlyweds’ looks, decorations, buffet reception ending with sincere and tender feelings of our couple.


Photography :  Tatiana Tsarenko photography | Wedding Planner : Annie Lee

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