Bluebell Indigo Violet for A Wedding Anniversary Filled with Violet Giant Wreath


Photographer Elena Zhun shares with us a unique first anniversary vow-renewal ceremony! Lina and Andrey decided for their first anniversary to renew their marriage vows and recreate the emotions of their wedding day, but this time in a private, symbolic ceremony. The focus of their symbology was two-fold. First, Giant wreath the shape of a ring – a boundless and infinite symbol of marriage. Second, the flower called Lupine, whose name comes from the word for wolf due to the flower’s ability to survive even in harsh environments. The couple chose bluebell Indigo and violet lupines to create their wedding ring backdrop and to decorate their entire ceremony. But the symbology doesn’t stop there – they chose bright pink peonies and irises for revival and longevity, bluebells to add whimsy and fun like the bride’s personality, and green willow for the feeling of eternal sunshine. Regardless of whether you know the deeper meaning behind each element of this anniversary celebration, we can all agree that it created some absolutely stunning colourful photos for this fun couple!

Violet water color wedding invitation | #weddinginvites #watercolor #wedidnginvitations

The groom looks super sharp in his navy blue suit

VERBA Decor crafted this Giant bluebell wreath and it’s absolutely INCREDIBLE! We could see this being used for so many different types of weddings… And we especially love how they used giant wreath as the wedding ceremony background of the big round portal to exchange their wedding rings, it represents continuous , boundless and infinite, a symbol of love and marriage…endless love!

Bluebell Indigo Violet for A Wedding Anniversary Filled with Greenery Giant Wreath | #giantwreath #weddingwreath #bluebell #indigowedding #outdoorwedding #weddinginspirationBluebell Indigo Violet for A Wedding Anniversary Filled with Greenery Giant Wreath | #giantwreath #weddingwreath #bluebell #indigowedding #outdoorwedding #weddinginspirationWatercolor wedding cake in shades of violet decorated with bluebell colored flowers | #weddingcake #watercolor #bluebell

A single tier wedding cake, decorated with blue water colour violet stains icing, and decorated with blue indigo lupines? LOVE!

Ceremony of feelings’ renovation
Lina and Andrey are married for a year. On their wedding anniversary they wanted to repeat the fine moments of their wedding again, but without excess eyes, vanity or haste. Just mature feelings and the concerning views meeting at the beautiful scenery.

We decided to hold a ceremony of feelings’ renovation at the ring-formed portal, boundless and infinite, a symbol of love and marriage. It seemed to us that it could be very symbolical – to exchange rings again at the background of the big round portal, which has a form of a ring itself.


As the center of the composition certainly is the wedding portal in the form of a circle symbolizing integrity, unity and infinity of feelings of our remarkable couple. Lupines became a basis for all the compositions. “Lupinus” is a wolf, this unusual flower received such a name because it can grow in any environment, can survive as a wolf, on any land and in any weather conditions. These flowers have rich colors – from blue to dark-violet. They became a symbol of Lina and Andrey’s extraordinary strong love. Velvet colour of lupines was accompanied by accents of magnificent and juicy pink peonies, and trembling irises, a symbol of eternal spring and revival, gave tenderness and sensuality to the composition. The bridal bouquet was made from seasonal flowers, lupines, peonies and irises, and became a composition basis too.

Garden bluebells made the bouquet a bit coquettish and light which made it suitable to Lina’s character. The green color in the bouquet was created by the branches of a willow. This choice was not made incidentally also. A willow is a symbol of the sun and spring, its soft leaves grow under beams of the spring sun.

Day of shooting
On the eve of shooting the whole week was raining. And all of us worried very much if the lupine field would stay. In the day of shooting the sun appeared from the clouds and batched in light the huge, boundless lupine field. These are inexpressible impressions when you are in the car on your way to a place, and all you see outside is the violet color mixed up with green blinks.

The zone of exchanging rings, as well as the entire decor was ready to our arrival. Lina and Andrey have told each other important, intimate and very warm words again. They exchanged rings and went to the field where they were surprised by the small decorated picnic from our team.

And here everything was connected with lupines – even the cake has been decorated with water color violet stains. After the picnic we walked in the field, and it was especially beautiful. Without people 3 hours passed quickly, we were inspired and met a sunset together. After violet twilight came we left, full of inspiration and joy.

Idea: Elena Zhun | Facebook : @elena_zhun
Organization : Elena Zhun  and  Venera Gilyazitdinova
Photo : Elena Zhun
Polygraphy : Hand Writing  | Instagram :
Floristics and decor : Katerina Ulitina, VERBA Decor
Cake : “Picasso” Cakes @Jeniatsenterova
Visage : Lina Butusova @Li_by_
Dress : Story dress | Instagram : @story.dress
Rented decorations : Gracedeco | Instagram : @gracedecoarenda
Accessories : Saxar Accesories
Silk ribbons : SilkyRivers

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