Beautiful wedding cakes to inspire you for an unforgettable wedding



A wedding cake is the highlight of the reception and the topic of discussion of wedding planning. Remember, your wedding cake will be an important part of your wedding album, so put some thought into its presentation. A tiered wedding cake speaks of tradition and class, while a heart shaped cake spells whimsy.

If you have a theme talk to a baker, there are many props that can change the basic design of a cake. Use your imagination flavourings can add colour as well as flavor, avocado icing or filling is a wonderful delicate colour. A well-designed cake will enhance your theme and bring the whole concept of the design together as the celebrations culminate with the cake.

Whatever the type of cake you choose, make sure your baker knows all your specifications including the size, decoration details, the kind of cake toppers required and the exact date and time of delivery. The wedding cake has the shortest lifespan of all the elements of a beautiful wedding – choose one that people will remember long after it’s gone!


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