Beautiful Living Room in Grey – Colour Palette #87


Take a look at this Charcoal Grey living room with plum accents from Desenio. Charcoal grey and plum colour combo is a perfect duo for creating a relaxing, stylish and sophisticated living space and by adding a touch of blue brings a calming feel. To give a living room a little more style you could add darker furniture that would create a contrast between light and dark colours. Consider a charcoal upholstered sofa paired with shades of plum cushions. You could also add to the look even more by introducing some stylish photo frames.

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Products in the palette : Dark Flowers No2‘ 50×70 cm.  | ‘Abstract Romance No2‘ 50×70 cm with a picture mat in a 70×100 cm frame. | ‘Delicate Rose‘ 50×70 cm. | ‘Burgundy Feathers‘ 50×70 cm. | ‘Abstract Color Blocks No2′ 30×40 cm. | All motifs are styled in Gold Frames. All from Desenio

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