Seasonal Autumn Wedding Flowers Ideas


Well, hello there! And happy Wednesday! When it comes to finding the perfect wedding bouquet for your Autumn wedding…let’s face it, there are a lot of choices. Autumn is a season that is full of beautiful flowers and rich colours. Take advantage of the best the season has to offer when you are designing the bouquets.  Autumn flowers are vibrant, stylish and equally masculine and feminine. The blend of reds, oranges, yellows, copper, rust, burgundy and brown are irresistible. You can really take your pick. With all this talk about finding the colour, have you asked yourself what you want your colours for your wedding. Well, if you don’t have any yet. Take a look Autumn Wedding Colour Palette here.

Here is a list of the most popular Autumn wedding flowers: roses, daisies, calla lilies, gerberas, sunflowers. Keep in mind that there are all sorts of other flower choices for autumn weddings. Pretty lisyanthus are a lovely option and come in quite a few shades. Or choose bold flowers like mini sunflowers for a perfect touch of the season in your bouquet. Many of the most wonderful autumn bridal bouquets feature these rich tones that capture the essence of autumn perfectly.

Last but not least,to add texture and variety to your autumn wedding bouquets, consider adding berries such as hypericum berries, pepper berries, rose hips or viburnum berries. Autumn foliage such as oak leaves and beech leaves also enhance the look of harvest bouquets. From pittosporum greens to  preserved maple leaves, yellow variegated ivy and seeded eucalyptus, Autumn greens add class to elegant autumn wedding bouquets. Take a look at those gorgeous bouquets above and incorporate them into your own stunning wedding bouquet. 

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