5 Stunning wedding table ideas


A major element of your wedding reception are the banquet tables. You will want these to be decorated so they look nice. Small features like table decor can make a huge impact on the general look of your wedding reception, so it’s vital to choose suitably. A lot of neat ideas for your wedding table ideas are available these days, these are just a few.


Rather than the same old flowers, why not mix it up with some eye appealing fruits. Small to medium size bowls containing an assortment of different fruits are a cheaper alternative to flowers.

Fruits as centerpices - Stunning wedding tablescapes ideas | fabmood.comFruits as centerpices - Stunning wedding table ideas | fabmood.comFruits as centerpices - Stunning wedding centerpieces ideas | fabmood.com



Select your china according to the theme of your wedding. If you are having an informal wedding, simple white porcelain plates with gold or silver edges are good. Informal weddings are more appropriate for using for creative china. Square plates are also fun. For more formal weddings, you can use a gold tinted pad instead of a place-mat.

Stunning wedding table ideas | fabmood.comStunning wedding tablescapes ideas | fabmood.comStunning wedding table ideas


Use colour

For a more rustic look, work with shades of brown, yellow, deep blue and . Use rustic table and put white plates without place-mat, use lace table runner instead of table cloth. Deep blue accents can be placed in the table napkins , menu or glassware like this table below, well this gorgeous little sweetheart table shows just how a beautiful setting and a little imagination can be all the decor your wedding reception needs!

Stunning wedding tablescapes ideas | itakeyou.co.uk


Wedding favours

Wedding favours can form an integral part of your table decorations. Remember to consider the packaging when purchasing your wedding favours. Most come in beautiful boxes with coordinated ribbon but check whether the colours will match your other decorations or consider purchasing a different box for your favours that matches everything else at the wedding table.

simple wedding tablescapes ideas | fabmood.com



Wedding candles make for beautiful wedding table decorations.A particular favourite is the pink or white roseball candle that looks fabulous when lit up around the room. Or how about white candle on gold candlestick for a truly unique table centrepiece like this table.

 Stunning wedding tablescapes ideas


With a little imagination your wedding tables will look really beautiful and you will have wedding table decorations that are admired by all your guests.


Photos : Fruit centerpieces : Angela Cox | Graham Terhune Photography  | The Image Is Found  | hand dyed blue lace napkins : Starfish Studio | yellow & blue : Laura DeBourde Photography | blue glasses : Joielala Photographie |   Cassidy Carson | white candle : peachesandmint.com

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