28 Trendy Retro Nails Inspired By The Past : 70s Inspired Nails


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13. 70s Inspired Nails

Take a trip back in time with these ‘70s Inspired Nails! Each nail showcases a different element that captures the essence of the groovy era. A charming camper van design adds a retro and adventurous touch, while a vibrant floral pattern brings a touch of nature-inspired beauty. A playful rainbow and sun design on a vibrant nail captures the cheerful and optimistic spirit of the ’70s. This eclectic mix of designs creates a fun and stylish manicure that’s perfect for embracing the retro trend and adding a pop of nostalgia to your fingertips!

Beautiful design by @kdnailedit.  Check out the latest artists featured on fabmoodpalette‘s Instagram page.


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