15 Unique wedding reception ideas on a budget

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Planning a wedding can be a very difficult thing to do, especially when you do not have too much money for it. Couples who plan their wedding around a tight budget can have a hard time getting things done as they wish they could, and this can be quite frustrating. But the truth is that you can plan a wedding on a limited budget by using cheap wedding ideas. And cheap wedding ideas doesn’t mean sacrificing on the quality of your wedding. In fact it can definitely help you to have the wedding of your dreams by enabling you to know where to spend money as necessary.

Check out these 15 Unique wedding reception ideas on a budget + creative and fun that will make your day truly unique.


1. Use White doilies instead of tableclothes or placemats and personal touch with hand writting personal messages.

White doilies instead placemats - unique wedding reception ideas | fabmood.com


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